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RedCat Point of Sale

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SmartPOS is a reliable and easy to use point of sale system with all the functionality required to provide fast, efficient and accurate operation. It provides a truly hybrid POS solution where terminal software can be used with a broad range of handheld, touchscreen and standard PCs.  SmartPOS has removed many of the more difficult tasks associated with POS systems. No more complex processing when either setting up or using the system. Staff become confident users following a very brief training session.

SmartPOS is as equally suited to quick service and retail environments as it is to the fine dining and club environments. It is fully integrated with SmartFinance, RedCat’s accounting software, which is used across this broad range of business operations. RedCat’s POS software is able to operate independent of the ‘back of house’ accounting system. Transactions are accumulated by the master terminal and can be transferred to the ‘back of house’ software at any convenient time over a LAN or wireless network. For off-site ‘back of house’ POS management, data can also be downloaded via a dial-up modem connection at a convenient time or via a secure internet site at any time. 

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RedCat Finance & Accounting

SmartFinance is a fully featured accounting package tailored specifically to the Hospitality and Retail industries.  It provides full double entry accounting, full GST compliance and BAS reporting, a customisable General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable functionality, a bank reconciliation and cheque facility, and an extensive and comprehensive financial reporting module.  SmartFinance is also the base module to which the other other back of house modules can be added.

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RedCat Stock Management

SmartStock provides users with a cost effective stock management tool which has been fully integrated with both SmartPOS and SmartFinance.

It allows maintenance of tight control over the usage of individual stock items and identifies wastage and losses.  When prices change, these automatically update the stock items file so that average costs remain updated at all times.  It enables viewing of the entire stock file or the active and inactive stock items independently.  It can operate in multi-departmental mode for stock control across a number of individual profit/cost centres.  With SmartStock you can run a full or partial perpetual stock management system, automatically calculate all your stock levels and values, perform all your stocktakes, generate purchase orders automatically, manage all your recipe and function costing, as well as managing your multi-departmental operation.

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RedCat Wages

SmartWages is RedCat’s complete employee administration and payroll system. It is an add-on module which enables quick and easy payroll processing, encompassing time sheets, pay rates, pay slips, allowances and deductions and calculates superannuation, taxation, annual leave and sick leave liabilities. 

SmartWages maintains a complete record of all employee details categorised under the headings General information, Payroll details, Fixed allowances & deductions and Employee notes.

SmartWages allows you to maintain multiple rate schedules and overtime rules for various classes of employees.  Tax scales are based on the Australian Taxation Office Statement of Formulae for Calculating Income Tax Instalments and are updated whenever changes are notified. Tax is calculated automatically and the necessary entries are automatically made in both the employee record and the general ledger.  Payment summaries and ATO reporting media can be produced.  Employees, although assigned to a default or home department, may work across multiple departments


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RedCat Loyalty and Business Intelligence

SmartLoyalty and SmartReports  provides a powerful browser-based front end to view and manage all your sales, marketing and loyalty activities.  The user interface for both members and administrators is designed to reflect your company’s branding. 

Loyalty/member information is stored on an SQL database and is updated live, as the system is Web based. (Broadband required).  It allows secure access via any internet access point.  Individual clients or members have password protected access to online loyalty information showing the product range, their purchasing history, loyalty points accrued, loyalty points redeemed and allowing them to keep their personal details current.   Data can be viewed by an individual operator or multi site data is consolidated for analysis by the franchisor.  All access to administrative data is privilege and password protected.  For example, different levels of security and views can be applied for a Franchisor, Franchisee, Store Manager or Client

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Mobotix Hi Resolution Surveillance Cameras

Mobotix is is the only network camera manufacturer to date that is capable of storing high resolution video streams with 960 lines instead of the usual 288, including sound.  The new technology isn't just more powerful in all areas, it also has two decisive advantages, it is more cost effective than traditional CCTV video technology and more multi-functional thanks to its integrated computer and network connections.

With a hi-resolution Mobotix camera solution, you'll reduce the number of cameras needed in your business, installation costs will be reduced, intelligent recording technology will reduce the storage requirements and costs, less power and heating is required, the cameras are practically maintenance free because there are no moving parts, and there are no ongoing software and license costs.   The unlimited scalability and flexibility of the cameras makes your return on the investment you make in this technology unmatched.


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